Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crunch Time

Well my departure for Gencon is less than 72 hours away and I'm still furiously painting. Luckily I'm down to the last few stands and vehicles. I'm down to the last batch of infantry which includes the company command stands and the second combat platoon. After that I only have my tanks to finish up which should go speedily thanks to my air brush. I estimate that if I can get my last batch of infantry on their bases by tonight then I should be on pace to finish up with nice paint jobs on the vehicles on Monday.

That should leave Tuesday for me to concentrate on cutting my foam carrying trays and finish coating the models. Its shaping up to be a photo finish and I promise to have more photos then. So far though I've been making good steady progress and I've been pretty happy with my results so far. I've really gotten into the grove of painting Panzergrenadiers and I'm enjoying the new rural bases that they are being attached to. Unfortunately many of the older figures have very thick or very wide bases that necessitate a good deal of cutting to get them to fit in the base holes cleanly.

I've also begun using Matte Medium and found it to be extremely helpful for attaching ground work and sand because it has the extremely helpful tendency to soak deeply into the ground work and bond my covering of choice with the base.

Enough talk for now, I'm headed back out to the painting shack to make some more progress today.    

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